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    Sustainable tourism — bringing global awareness to travel and putting it into action — defines our offered tours. 

    According to the U.N.W.T.O., sustainable tourism has the following principles for hotels, tour operators, airlines and cruises (as well as destinations and tourists):

    • Environmentally friendly practices like minimizing the use of plastic;
    • Protecting natural and cultural heritage; and
    • Supporting local communities by employing local staff, buying local products and engaging in charity work.

    We strongly believe in all of the above and some. Most travel companies ignore this idea by encouraging mass tourism - not focusing on local businesses, native culture, or traditions.

    Sustainable travel doesn’t just preserve the natural environment so that future tourists can benefit, it preserves the environment so that it meets the current and future needs of the local community and funds conservation.



    We select destinations, accommodations, activities, and businesses which help sustainable tourism.

    A few things we consider:

    • Eco-friendly and locally-owned accommodations
    • Local cuisine at locally-owned restaurants 
    • Locally-owned transportation
    • Handicrafts made by locals for souvenirs
    • Businesses donating to charities and local communities

    If you are interested in becoming a responsible traveler, we encourage you read this article and do your homework to join this travel movement. 

    If you have any questions regarding sustainable travel or becoming a responsible traveler, please contact us.