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    We’re an independent online travel company made up of seasoned globetrotters – the kind of people combing the streets for real local experiences and not just the tourist "highlights." We hail from sunny Los Angeles, California and spend our time designing, traveling, and connecting with other travelers.

    We're out to make travel enthusiasts of each and every one of you. We provide authentic, small-group travel experiences based on our personal travels and curiosities – and arm you with stylish carry-on travel products that won't mark you as a tourist.

    Nomoon is strongly committed to sustainable and responsible tourism for corporate and individual travelers, as we believe that it is the foundation of our company. We partner with businesses and tour operators that help make a difference in their communities - and creating itineraries that allow Nomooners to engage with locals in a significant way. We are currently involved with several eco projects and we donate some of our proceeds to assist climate change awareness and build stronger communities.


    Everyone wants a travel experience they can call their own. So why plan a trip based on the same guide books that everyone else has? Unlike other cookie cutter type tours, our travel experiences focus on being small and authentic, while promoting sustainability.  We eliminate the endless hours of research and curate itineraries that are unique, exclusively for you. This is how we travel and we want you to experience our way of travel - finding ways to truly connect with a destination - beyond the traditional tourist checklist. Our bespoke itineraries are created by our founder who has extensively traveled to these countries and understands what a makes a trip unique and memorable. Our tours may include a coffee tasting adventure, street art hunting, glacier kayaking, or volcano hikes. You are sure to make fond memories and fabulous friends.

    Some of our features:
    • Exclusive curated-from-scratch tours
    • Small groups only 
    • Locally owned businesses 
    • Vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly options
    • Boutique-type (with Wi-Fi) accommodations, no resorts or big hotel chains 
    • Local tour guides and hosts
    For upcoming NOMOON events and updates, please sign-up for our monthly newsletter (see below) or connect with us here at